Dunk Shot App Reviews

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Please add more challenges!!

Good Game!

This game is actually a very fun and addictive game. unlike any other ketchapp games i have actually kept this one and it has never gotten old and i enjoy it. My only complaint is that i have gotten very high in rounds and then died and watched a video to redeem myself and the video has taken too long and the game makes me start over again even though i had just watched the video. other than that a very fun game.

Wizards have power

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Devs Allow Pop Ups That Can Steal Your Info. DO NOT DOWNLOD

TL:DR: This app injects adware that can steal your personal information. Do not download. I was playing this game and a pop up much like any other iOS notification pops up and says I've won an Amazon Gift Card. I couldn't close out of this notification unless I hit okay or closed the app, and I wanted to keep my progress so I hit okay. Nothing happened and no other apps were opened, however these type of ads are known to steal personal information. Seeing as my device is a phone, this can include phone numbers, credit card info, passwords, photos, etc. Please do not download this app. The devs have always been known to inject as many ads into their apps as possible, however this is a new low for them. I will never download another app from them again.

Dunk Shot

I have played this game so many times and I love it so much my high score is 133 what’s yours???? Sincerely, Me To:Dunk Shot

Lots of ads, misleading

There are a lot of ads while playing this game. The worst part is that they give you the option to have a “second life” and continue your streak by watching a 30 sec video ad.. however it glitches out and restarts your steak even though you watch their stupid ad! Fun, addicting game, but they are way to focused on making money rather than making a good game.


Great game

Deleted the game after 30 seconds

What a joke... I payed for 2 seconds, then was forced to watch a 30 seconds ad. No thanks.

Great game. You should add some more to it

You should add a hard mode for both the normal game and the challenges where there’s no guidelines. Add more challenges too, I finished them all so there’s not much to do. Also add an easier way to get coins, just playing the game is too slow and watching ads is boring. The piñata is cool, but there should be a better way to get coins than waiting 7 hours just to get around 75 coins. Edit: dropped down to four stars, I watched an ad for some coins and it didn’t give me the right amount. Only got 20 instead of 25. Not that big of a deal but kinda annoying. You should fix that.

New Challenges

I love the game, I’m just wondering when the new challenges will be available?!

Game itself is fine.

Can’t listen to my own music while playin though. I don’t like or play games that don’t let me listen to my own music while playing them.

Replay challenges

By far my fav game. It would be way better if there was an option to replay the challenges while you wait for new ones

I’ll hand it to you.

I actually like the game. I have played a lot of Ketchapp games on the Apple store. The only problem I have with the game is that I wished you would make challenges for the game like the other games. If your interested in ideas for games or like creative opinions sometimes let me know. I enjoy your apps and have put a great deal of hours on them offline. I play for a good solid time when I’m bored. I’d play it more, if it had more challenges, but like offline challenges. Eh, I don’t know. I’m just an opinion on a broad connection with millions of users. But if anyone listens this is my review. I’d give it a solid 5 stars

I adore this game!

Insanely addicting and perfect for small time killers! I play this game all the time and you should too!


Cool game if you like ads, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of ads.


It’s ok for a one finger game. Except for the annoying ads that pop up mid streak, making me miss the ball. Too many ads

More challenges!!!

I’ll give you 5 stars when you get more challenges. Need them updated regularly!


This game is so addicting I could not get of of my phone

Too many ads

While the game is entertaining. The fact that ads show up literally every 17 seconds kills the vibe of the game. Paid for the game and still continue to get ads. Waste of money and time. Don’t waste yours either.

Simply Wonderful

This game is one of the best basketball games you can get on the AppStore now-a-days. There are good games made by Ketchapp such as this but then they're horrible games they make such as trying to get popular off fidget spinners like there one game. Other then that I reccomend this as a fantastic time waster if you get bored easily and need a new app to play. Bye! Sincerely,a Spanish toaster.

❌compatible with iPhone X

Please update for compatible with iPhone X please

This is a fun game

This is a fun game for all ages and If you have nothing to do this is a fun game to waste the time and just settle down. This is my top 4 favorite game ever and I appreciate the challenges in the game too.

Pops up ads as you’re shooting

Ads randomly pops up as your playing, meaning if you were shooting, the ads would mess up your shot.

Rage inducing

A: challenge 9 is impossible to finish B: too many ads C: repetitive D: not fun

Got potential to be great

Ads to continue after you’ve paid for the game is NOT COOL. My only other gripe is that I’d like to replay the challenges whenever I want. Seems like an easy thing to unlock.

Not challenging

I thought that this would be a fun game and it is but it’s just the same thing again and again. I’ve just ben playing it fore like three minutes and I already don’t really like it there are like no challenges. You can barley earn Starr’s and it takes 100 just to get a different ball. They don’t even start you off with some. Over all it’s a good game just no challenges.


The game was pretty cool to play at first but I wouldn’t recommend it now because it’s flooded with ads and the ads pop up in the middle of a game or when you receive a gift and you never get the gift because of ad pop ups. uninstalled due to all the ads and me getting screwed out of my gifts

Good but not great

Pretty addicting but could have more challenges

Rip off

I initially liked this app. Then I decided to buy it, their purchase button is called “Remove Ads”, after purchasing ads stay in there, no change. They’re just after money, purchasing doesn’t change much, there’ll be an ad each time you want to continue the same game. What a shame and rip off!! Worth letting Apple know about this scam.


An add literally popped up during gameplay and caused me to lose my streak. Nice.

Needs More Challenges & Free Continue For Ad Removal

I do like the game. It’s a fun game to play for 2 to 45 minutes at a time. I just paid the $1.99 to remove the ads today. Be warned, you still have to watch an ad to get your 1 continue, I don’t think that’s cool. I understand having to watch an ad to speed up the timers but not for the continue. I think that should be removed in the next update for those that have paid for the ad removal. I’m not trying to get infinite continues.. just the one, like everyone else. My second gripe is the lack of challenges. To me, those are my favorite part. The last update added more challenges and I’m hoping each additional update follows suit. Overall good game, 3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

Good app

I like it too much


In settings, the option to toggle sound and vibration is in off position, but intro music often plays anyways. Annoying while trying to listen to podcasts or music from another app.

Dunk shot

This game is boring, you never get an update and it just the same thing over and over again get it for a week and you’ll be done with it.

Most ads I’ve every seen

Great game to pass some time.The ads though wow never have I played a game with so many ads. The ads are to the point where your playing and pow!! Ad then how about another. I would delete most games due to this but right now I’m loving the game until ads pop up And I am one to never pay money for ad free for a game so guess for now I’ll deal with it until I get bored 3 stars


Game is legit trash I mean stupid the levels are way too hard and the physics are horrible and the ads for these keychapp games are so cringey like “PROMISE ME NOT TO PLAY THIS AT WORK” or “DONT PLAY THIS AT SCHOOL” not even that addicting like the only fun part is the easy first five levels not even the infinite mode is fun it’s legit trash, garbage game


cant listen to music while playing

Can’t even listen to music while playing

Trash repetitive game that tries to get you to keep playing by putting a time lock on challenges, trust me, not even worth the free download

No music.

Can not listen or play music from your phone while playing the game.


Best toilet game of all time

Why does the game take over my audio?

Title says it all. The game itself is pretty simple and is nice if I have a little bit of time to do something on my own, but while I'm playing Spotify and open the game it closes Spotify and stops playing my music. This is pretty frustrating cause I'd rather listen to music than the sounds of the game. Other than that it's an alright and simple game.

Pros and cons

Really fun game and all but it doesn't let you listen to music while playing it which should definitely be fixed.


Too easy, I’m the best

Needs Music

People need to be able to listen to music with headphones while playing. This is a must fix.


Awesome but would be a lot better if you could play your music while in the app, it’s very frustrating.

Trash palooza

Why is it called dunk shot when you are not atchully not dunking it. Huh care to explain that. Huh punks!?!? -El Tornado


Of course to continue a challenge I have to watch an ad, it’s cool after the first but the higher you go the more time you have to wait between challenges. I’m up to an hour now and I’ll probably either forget about the game or delete it. Shame

Bad game

You know why it a bad game because I am stuck on challenge 14 please make it easier or I am uninstalling this crappy app


Hey nice game very addictive

Same old.

Deleted after 1 minute.

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