Dunk Shot App Reviews

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Cheats you

When the game offers that if you watch an add you can continue, more than half of the time it makes me watch the whole add and then kills me anyway. I hate this aspect of the game and please fix it.


This would be 5 stars, but the retry option is no longer working. I watch the video, waste my time, and do not get the option to continue after the video. The restart button is all that shows up. Fix it, and I’d go back to 5 stars.

Pretty good

This game is very fun and addictive. The one problem that I have with it is the ads, sometimes I get something that says “watch this ad to continue” but after the ad literally I get nothing in reward it just starts me over. But other then that this is a very fun game I suggest to turn your wifi off or turn on airplane mode to get rid of it the ads, 👍

Can you please fix this

In the game when it says Watch an ad and you’ll get a second chance a lot of times it doesn’t give me a second chance but sometimes yes can you please fix this thank you. Ps Game is awesome!

Fun but lots of ads

I really liked it. It’s fun and addictive. But my one problem is the ads. It comes up every 3 turns and it gets really annoying. Other than that it’s awesome. I recommend you get it!

Needs a update or fix

The second chance or continue is not working. I watch a 30 second video and have to start over.

Need Refund - No Stars given

After paying 2.99 , I'm supposed to get 1000 stars, which I didn't. Game continues don't work. After watching the continue ad, it asks me to restart it give up. The "need key " level always asked for 50 stars. The first rotation is free which is also not working

I dig it

Surprised how fun this is!


Ok first off great game, I love the concept and the idea, but the STUPID ADS. The game plays the same un-skippable thirty second ad that just ruined the game for me. I mean I know u want to make money, but at least make the ads shorter or just let people skip them.

Too many Ads

I understand a free version needs Ads. But it’s way too many. Makes me want to just stop playing, find another game that isn’t as intense with Ads. No way you I'm paying for an iPhone game. Otherwise it’s a fun game.

Great game

Dunk shot is a really good game. If your bored and want to download a fun and interesting game, dunk shot is the game for you, it’s fun, interesting, challenging, and much more. My brother and I both hav the game, and a while ago we completed to see who could complete the “bounce” challenge first, and he won, but anyways, find one of your friends that would like the game, (all of them ) then download it with them then you guys can complete and have fun. There is many things to compete on like who can finish all of the challenges first, who can find out all of the mystery balls, who can get the most strays, and many more. And it doesn’t have to be your friend, they can be your sister, your brother, your mom, your dad, or anybody else you can think of. So if you read this review, I have a challenge for you, I want you and someone else you know, then download it, last find some thing to compete on then find the winner.

good but needs improvement

okay the game is good but the thing i hate is sometimes when i click the option to watch an ad and continue the game when i lose, the ad will play but not give me the option to continue 😐😐😐

Best game ever

No complaints. I play it so much. My high score is lik 420 and my goal is to get first place! Of course it kinda looked like they hacked so a rank rest wouldn’t be too bad. Can’t stop playing. No complaints.

Fun game to pass time by

Only problem I am having with this game is not being able to continue after selecting continue. I’ve had this problem ever since I decided to pay to remove the ads. Please fix this issue. I press continue, watch ad in order to continue and then am taken to the home screen to restart.

It’s a great game but...

The game itself is not bad. I actually enjoy it . It does get boring after a while but most games do. The challenges are a fun way of increasing the difficulty of the game and putting in a harder aspect of it. But adds sometimes pop up in the middle of gameplay. After every two or three plays, more adds. Which is quicker than you think. You shoot shoot miss, shoot shoot miss, and another add. The adds are out of control. Adds are important to make more games and make profit off of the game and I understand that. But the game just has way too many and they really have to slow them down.

The ads stay even if you pay!

The game is fun, but even if you pay to remove the ads at the end of each play an ad will appear. I would suggest that you don’t purchase this game. Unethical and dishonest sellers should be put out of business. I don’t care what excuse the seller gives, the seller stated $3 to remove ads, not some or most ads. If you want to support dishonesty pay and find out for yourself.

Dunk shot

Fun game but 90% of the time you watch am ad to receive another life, the game crashes after the 30+ second video is over. So they still receive the $ for the ad but you don’t benefit. Needs to be fixed

paid version...misleading!??

The game is five star, but I paid for the full version , but still appears adds by video!? This is correct!?


Best game ever and I work for voodoo. Just kidding! I like hole.io and all ketchapp games including this one! Best game ever! I really recommend it! Thanks for reading the best review of all time! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😄😄😄😆😌😌😌😌😌😌😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍! Great work ketchapp! I love Meghan traitor! By now and hope you enjoyed! By: Landon Coley!


Each time a watch an ad to get something extra it just doesn’t give me it. Don’t waste your time on this bad game.

Like this game

This game is pretty good my high score is 698 but i finished all the challenges and I'm waiting on more. So please update this game soon

Good game but ads

It’s a good game to pass time but the ads are so much every like button I press is a add


It's really easy. To play and it's fun

“Improvements” (bad way)

The game is good but, when it comes to losing and you click continue for an advertisement, when the advertisement is done, It doesn’t let you continue and makes you go to home page >:(

I like it but.....

I was charged 2.99 for no ads when it says 1.99 and when it says continue if you watch an ad it doesn’t continue you have to start over that’s annoying


This is a fun game ;) :)

Really fun

This game is really fun and is good to play while having free time. the only thing i hate about it is when i die or whatever i can watch an ad to start from where i ended and ill watch a 30 second ad and when it’s done i don’t get the reward


Love this game! So fun, not a lot of ads, fun challenge !

BS rewards

Watching ads does not let you continue where you failed at or give you an extra free gift. You voluntarily watch the ad and nothing happens. SCAM.

Fun game but doesn’t allow background audio

This game would be a lot better if I could listen to my podcasts in the background, you can mute the in game audio and it works, But I still wish i could have the game audio.

Good time killer

Very fun for killing time. Has a lot of content to play for and unlock as far as all the themes and goals. Only problem, since last patch the advertisements that play for bonus winnings (I.e. extra coins and multipliers...) do not pay out at the end of a 15-30 second video, leaving you having watched a pointless ad for no reward. Other than that all around fun game

Update please

Needs a new update

fun game but ads are broken

on rare occasions, ads work. i hate when i can continue by watching an ad after i got far and it just brings me back to home menu. the ad for an extra free gift has never worked for me. fix the ads

Great game

Great game

Fantastic Game

The game is fantastic and fun to play! Very addicting, Please please add more Ball skins and Themes! That would be awesome!


I dont mind the ads on the game, they’re very non intrusive and short. The problem is when I watch an ad to continue from where i left off and instead of letting me continue it just gives me the option to restart like i never watched the ad. It’s so frustrating especially when you’re close to your last high score. Fix this and it’ll be a great game.

Good Game, Ads Pretty Stupid

This is a fun great game HOWEVER the system that rewards you for watching ads (i.e. for continuing levels, extra free bonus piñata, stars) is trippy and fails to reward you for watching the ads about 1/3 of the time. It’s a pain in the butt, combined with the fact that ads pop up all the time on their own whenever you open the game and after play all the time and are unnecessarily long and unappealing, if clicked on (accidentally or otherwise) immediately pop open the App Store and ask you if you want to download, and oftentimes the close buttons (which should appear sooner) are tiny and hard to see colors, and go away if you don’t hit them fast enough. Also MANY ads have an X in one of the corners which is actually an install button which makes me wanna hit something. Somebody should sue over those.

Good, but there’s a bug

It’s An amazing, addicting game. But most of the time when I attempt to respawn after watching the ad, the ball does reappear, but I can’t launch it to the next goal, forcing me to restart. Please fix this so that I may enjoy it more and leave five stars!

Ads are ads but this is too much

I get it, please don’t reply back, “We have to offset costs with providing a free app, so on, so on, so on....”. Yes ads are ads but I shouldn’t have to see an ad for every three resets. This game is fun and great mind numbing, time passing entertainment and is really well done but when I miss three shots... there is an ad. If I’m doing the challenges, that means about 2 ads per minute. If it’s general game play, I will play and score a couple hundred then see an ad. Score a couple hundred, see an ad and then score a couple hundred and at that point I actually turn the game off instead of continuing because I’m tired of seeing ads. The irony of the reply, “We need to offset the costs, so on, so on,” is that, it’s an ad of self promotion for more Ketchapp games... Like I said, a wonderful game but ruined by ads. Won’t end up keeping long because the boycott will eventually out weigh the entertainment value. I’d think about how many plugs you put in for ads Ketchapp. Across all of your developments.

More challenges

I love the game but can u add more challenges cuz I beat them all


The challenges are glitchy because if you watch an ad to try again it doesn’t work.FIX PlS😔

Impossible for me

Can you make the game easier? I will rate 4-5 stars

Really fun and addictive

This game is really fun and easy to get good at. When I start playing it is kinda hard to stop. This is a great game that is definitely worth getting👍.

Trying to beat my record

Fun, basketball game. However sometimes when you press continue the game will play several ads and your progress will be lost. Highly inconvenient when your already 700 points in.


The game is great but you should take out the adds some are inappropriate


Paid for the app to get rid of infuriating and all to frequent ads but nothing changed. Ads still play constantly!!! Went back and read more reviews to see if someone else had the same experience. They had! Also read that this app may be a scam that puts something on your phone to steal your personal info. Not sure if it’s true but since the app developers purposely infuse the app with ads, then take your “remove ads” money without removing the ads, I don’t trust them. I deleted the app and I want my money back!!

Best game

The best baseball game in my tire life!So so so so so so fun!


This game is the best and me and friends play it all the time and try to beat each others high scores or defeat challenge. This game changed my life.

Best game

I’ve been playing 30 days in a row the game is good keep up the good work

To Dunk Shot

At first I thought this was hard, but after about two days of practice and playing I got SUPER good at the game. Then I started to notice that the game is mega super fun and easy. Through all that experience I thought the game as a wonderful game. I would recommend this game to everyone!

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