Dunk Shot App Reviews

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Really fun

I can play this game for 5 minuets or 50 it would still be fun, there are so many chances to find new cool items, and playing with a friend is twice the fun!

All ketchapp games are advertising thinly disguised as a game!

I turn off data for the game and it won’t save any progress & when the data is on you have to watch two 30 second videos for every 3 attempts. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

Problematic ads

The game occasionally experiences a lag spike and when this happens, the time challenge is virtually impossible. Ketchapp, if you want people to buy your app, you should be able to convince them that the app runs smoothly even with the ads. Until then I will not spend a single penny, though you probably make more by infesting my phone with ads :P

Get Rid of Fortune Wheel

So I’ve been playing this game for quite some time. Beat all the challenge levels and won most of the balls, but I gotta say the Fortune Wheel was not a good call. There’s loads of other ways to spice up the game, different types of balls that do different thing, disappearing hoops, etc. I had over 5,000 coins and lost ALL of them spinning the fortune wheel and I still have not unlocked all the mystery balls. This is ridiculous! I love this game and love all the updates they have made over the past few months but the fortune wheel is just a ripoff in an otherwise 5 star game.


Great game

Fun game, possible optimization needed

Fun game but my iPhone X gets really hot playing it after the latest update.

Kinda scammy

Although the concept and gameplay are simple, fun, and intuitive, the games AD's come off a bit spammy. With some AD's running far too long and forcibly opening other pages, others promise a chance to continue after a fail and yet post ad you are met with a restart screen and are never actually given the ability to continue. Overall I'd say if you have the space and enjoy the concept, it's pretty good at killing time, however if you tend to get aggravated by invasive or misleading AD's then this may not be the app for you.

Spent a ton of time on this game and enjoyed it.

Unfortunately the game has gotten more and more and more ad heavy. The team seems to be working hard and making new content and I respect that, the content is pretty enjoyable. But balls that unlock via watching ads? Are you really that short on money? Additionally, “No thanks” now doesn’t appear until a second or so after “Continue” after you miss. This slows things down and increases my chances of accidentally starting an ad. It was a good run, but I’m uninstalling.


This is a fun game but it would be great if you would fix your “Continue” option. Every time I try to continue and watch the ad it brings me back to the option to start over, no continuing. Please fix this.


None of the add rewards work kys

Continue doesn’t work

When I lose and hit continue, I will sit through the ads and then it will just start me at the beginning.


This bothers me beyond belief. I spent 50 stars to get a spin, and I unlocked the first challenge. Yay. But when I went to play it, I saw it had automatically bought a 500 token theme for me… One I didn’t want. Cmon. That’s annoying. And when I went to play the challenges, I lose a lot and watch an ad to keep going, but when the ad ends, it just starts me over at the beginning. So I wasted 30 seconds of my life for nothing. Thanks Ketchapp :/ This won’t be higher than 2 stars unless I see updates for these issues. Addition: The more I play, the laggier it gets now. Ketchapp please fix this, I want to be able to enjoy the game

Too much lag

Game lags too much now ever since the new update came out. Love the game. However, the lag completely ruins the experience.


If you don't like paying to get rid of ads and get bored fast don't get

Continue not working

After watching a video to continue it just gives me the restart button. Lame.

Fun Game, Too Many Glitches

All in all, this is a decent game. There are plenty of customizable options and challenges for you to complete. However, I do have one complaint. Too often, I have launched the application and there is a glitch where everything moves in slo-mo. For example, when I launch a ball from the basket, it takes all of five seconds to land in the basket. Please fix this mistake, creators.

Didn’t get stars

Bought the 2.99 pack did not get stars (Will revise if resolved)


This game is brilliant. Forget about all the haters this game is amazing. Ketchapp and Estoty you guys are amazing.

Enjoyable however often annoying

This is a free game, and with it being a free game, they lather this game in ads both passively and to lock certain features behind. This game is not nearly good enough to require a completionist user to watch hundreds of ads. It’s quite overboard. It is worth a download for anyone who can look past the ad hungry methods of the progression system.


I love this game i playtime every day

F*cing amazing

I have EVERYTHING you can possibly get in this game my high score is 5381 please make this game have more challenges PLEASE

Great game

Super fun game, played all the time. It doesn’t take a long time to play and it’s really fun.

The Best game

This game is the best and I had the game for a long time

Great game, needs another update!

Dunkshot is a great game very simple addicting and yes loaded with adds. This was annoying at first but I got used to it until this new update with many new basketballs themes and challenges. It also added a No Add purchase. This says its 1.99 but its really 2.99 but I bought it anyway because it would make the game easier to play without being interrupted. The problem is I still have to watch an add to get a second life or get the category of balls that you have to watch adds for. Hopefully ketchapp sees this and will make a way for players that have purchased no adds to be able to get those balls and also have second chances WITHOUT watching adds. PLEASE FIX 👍 Great game!


It's so good 😊 awesome you get to pick threw skins

It’s nice

This game is fun. One major oversight is that it stops audio from playing from another app. So you can’t listen to music or podcasts while playing the game. This is the first game app I’ve seen that does this, it’s very annoying.

Why is it lagging?!

I’ve had this game for a while now and I’ve beat all of your challenges and stuff before the update and it was great. But after this last update the game is literally lagging and it’s unplayable. And I have an iPhone X so this shouldn’t be happening. Please fix if u can.


This is so great and very fun to play love all the fun challenges and new themes

Cheats me out of ads

I watch a full ad for an extra ball and it doesn’t give me it

The ball goes in slow motion

It is super annoying when you play for a while and the ball goes in slow motion for the rest of the time your playing. The only way to not go in slow motion is to exit the game.

Fix issue please

It was actually really fun and addicting; however, recently, everytime you watch the video to continue and it doesn’t allow you continue. Rather, it just starts you back at the beginning. If the fix, I’d re-score.


More confetti

Ads ads ads ads ads ads

There is too many ads! Like you can’t even play the game because every time you shoot, an ad just pops up. And if you try and turn of your WiFi to not get ads, the game will be extremely laggy.

Need update

I am an iPhone X user and I have the black bars. I think you really need to update your game for the iPhone X

Dunk shot

I love this game. I love that you get new balls,I love that you use strategy’s in this game! I really think you should play!!!!!!

New challenges

I love this game but it needs more challenges


Update the game please ive been completed it for about 2 weeks now


Fun game, but needs an update. I’ve bought all the balls that you can and now I have close to two thousand stars, waiting to be used.

Minor issues

I really love this game, there’s only two things I would change. The first being the sound, it’s buggy or something. I always have sound and vibrate switched to off but every time I reopen the game, there’s sound while the settings remain on off. And the other would be to add more challenges, I’m SO bored.


Game is very fun but there seems to be a problem with the watching an add to continue, nothing is more frustrating than watching a 30 second video to have it go back to the start menu.

iPhone X

Fix for the iPhone X please

Too many ads

This game would be fun but every time I get into it I get a 30 second ad not fun


Niiiiiice 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Games amazing but small annoying bug

I love this game but there’s a bug when I watch the ad in no aim to get 3 more lives I stays on the restart and give up screen and won’t let me use my lives so it waste my time watching the ad

It is the worst game I have ever played

I was 4 points behind my high score and I died but it’s pretty good game

Like it, but...

I like the game, and I purchased to get rid of ads, but there are still ads. The ad to continue still exists, which would be tolerable except for the sound. There was one that even played when my phone was silenced! Therefore, I cannot play in a waiting room, for example. I can’t play when my family is watching TV, or in a restaurant. You get the picture. You can silence the game, but not the ads, so why have silent mode at all?

Lag spikes

Every now and then I come on this app whenever I’m bored, and it’s fun at first then at random times the game just starts to lag out of no where. Please fix this issue when you get the chance.

Eh, ok game

I mean it is kind of one of those games that can be addicting but it has some fixes that need to occur. Like the ad count, like really? There is so many ads the ball goes in slow motion sometimes when you shoot it. Also on the notebook theme the dotted shot lines are almost the exact same color as the point counter making some shots virtually impossible.

Inappropriate chat

Not appropriate talk for a 4+ child. Don’t want the chat portion.

Fun game, too many ads

Title says it all. I downloaded it, played for about 10 minutes, enjoyed the gameplay, then got fed up with all the advertisements. You have to watch short videos after every 2-3 plays. No thanks.

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