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Great Game, Bad Glitches

I have a lot of fun playing this game but the ads almost kill it. I get so close to beating my high score and all of the sudden I miss and it asks if I want to continue. I click the ad and I watch it all and then when I exit out of it when it’s over it doesn’t do anything... why ask if I want to continue if I do what it asks and it works about 15% of he time? Other than this it is a great game.

Game steals money

This game is horrible when you buy things in it it makes you pay double and you don’t even get the stuff that you bought.


This game would have 5 stars if its ads worked, all I needed was 1 to beat my record and after the ad finished I clicked X...I didn’t beat it

Simple and fun!!

This game is very simple, fun, and not to hard. I love it. It’s hard to find balance it a game, and this is one of the games that is “balanced”. I recommend this game to everyone, and hope you will enjoy it! 😊

A little buggy

When I go play an ad to retry it won’t work and sometimes it lags and freezes during the gameplay and ads in the middle of the game


Great game, but I would like to see more balls and themes that we can buy. (Especially themes!)

Fix this please

When I try to click the free gift it does nothing and won’t let me collect my prize. Usually when this happens I just have to go out and go back in. Now that won’t even work, also when you start to play and you die the free gift thing is gone. I really hope you could fix this. Thanks

Don’t press continue

Over half the time you press continue to watch an ad to keep playing once the ad ends you are not allowed to continue. This only happens when you are playing the challenge levels. Please fix this

Great App!👍🏽

For a while I’ve been trying to find a great basketball app that was free and that did not have that many glitches or advertisements. I have finally found one. This app has not many ads and no glitches. It’s so addictive so don’t play it when you’re trying to work, because it is addictive. Overall great and fun app!☺️😊


Very cool game for kids. Gives them coordination and shows them patients

Why so many glitches.🤔



In love with this game but need new levels I pretty much finished all of them just need one more to have everything gold please add new levels and gameplays would really love it. 🙌🙌💯

Wouldn’t recommend it

Game has problems when you want to continue. It makes you watch the ad then restarts you. Same goes with the extra piñata. Makes you watch the ad and doesn’t let you get the extra one. Also it ruined my streak of perfect when it went back to two when it was another perfect. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t recommend it.



I love this game!

Its so fun and i love it


Literally was on pace to set a record- I had 812 points and my best was 928. The ball just bounced out so I pressed continue to watch the add, but to MUCH dismay, your stupid Final Fantasy ad came up and I was not able to continue after the 30 seconds was up. Anytime this ad specifically is played users can no longer continue afterward!!! There have been issues with other ads as well but this one is the worst!!!


This game is ok. It gets kind of repetitive, but over all it pretty good game... there is a lot of adds though. And when it offers you a video for a chance to revive, it glitches and you watched a video for nothing. But the balls are sort of fun to get... that is my opinion

Fun but glitchy

This is a very fun FREE game but it’s pretty glitchy. I have a lot of problem with the video related rewards. The large majority of the time watching a video add doesn’t result in the tears that is offered by watching it. Especially the continue game option. Pretty frustrating when you’re trying to set a new high score and have to start from scratch every time.

Ads don’t always do what they say they do.

I like this game. Very addictive because it’s simple and easy enough, but with a bit of a challenge. Only problem is sometimes when I watch an ad, it doesn’t do what it is supposed to. What I mean is, when I get a chance to “continue” after losing by watching an ad, I don’t actually get to continue the game after watching the ad (in full might I add). Please fix otherwise I will think of this app as a scam and uninstall.

Trash game

Plays an ad every time you lose the game. If it’s a video you have to wait for it to load as it takes 10 minutes. Overall trash game. Won’t let you try out different balls that you need for other balls.

Awesome game

Not too hard, not too easy. Perfect. I would like to see more challenges because I beat all of them :)

Great game at first

Started off as a good game now that my score is at 599 every time I get close to beating it and miss and watch the add to continue where I left off it makes me start all over again the game is glitching and I have yet to have an update come up for this game I think there needs to be one cuz it’s getting a little ridiculous


Good game just need to add more Challenges to each category

Good Game but Continue Doesn’t work

I enjoy the game but if I click continue to try and continue playing from where I left, it would be nice if it worked. Maybe it’s a bug or I am missing something. Otherwise it’s good.

Replay Challenges

The Challenges are super fun and my favorite feature. I wish there was a way to replay levels you’ve beaten cause currently once you finish every challenge you can’t do any more. Let us replay beaten challenges once you finish the whole set. Or just add more. It’s a super fun game though definitely recommend.

Hate it

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The game offers you the chance for another life or lottery roll but you have to watch an add, after the add the game does not give you what it promised. Devs please fix. Also the watch an add thing pops up way too much and I paid $3 to get rid of adds.

Continue playing not working!!!

Continue playing tab just shows ad and then game ends! Great game, will give 5 stars if this issue resolves.

Cool game

I’d give this game a 5 stars but when I purchased it to remove the adds I never got my 1k stars to unlock the basket balls so kinda mad about that other than that it’s a good game

Ad Removal does not remove ads

Don’t bother paying the $2.99 for ad Removal. They still blink an AD movie for other apps after each loss. And there’s one on the settings screen as well. The small bar of ads on the bottom is the only thing removed. This issue eliminates the usefulness as a game I could let me kids play because they always press the blinking button after they lose and end up watching an Ad for another ap. Argh.

Best game ever

This is literally the best game I’ve ever played. I like it better than both of my children. When I dunk on my kids, I never get a secret ball, they just cry. When I dunk on this game it’s nothing but net so... clear winner.

Thumbs up for DunkShot!

Very simple, fun addicting game. Little bugs but overall DunkShot is a simple, fun, challenging, addictive game.

Watching video- no second chance anymore

It used to be if you missed a shot you could watch the video and then it would return you to the shot you missed for a second chance. Now if you watch the video it brings you back to the beginning. So, DON’T BOTHER WATCHING THE VIDEO! It gets you nothing.

Great game

This game is really fun, easy to play, and addicting. I couldn’t really find anything wrong with it, except when ever I watch an add to continue my round, when the ad is over it won’t let me continue. It just takes me to the menu and makes me restart. Please fix this issue.



Needs Updating

Fun to play. When you click “continue” to play a video for another chance, you don’t get that chance when the video is over. Also you can’t listen to music while playing. What kind of crap is that???

Continue doesn’t work

I like this game, it’s addictive and fun but the continue feature doesn’t work. When I finish watching the video, it only gives me the option to restart. I don’t know why, but it does. I recommend the game but I hope this gets fixed somehow

Another amazing game ketchapp

I love ketchapp! They are a company that is reliable, and games are great. I’m playing dunk shot and knife hit and I gotta tell ya, those are some fun games! Keep it up!

Great game for any basketball fan!

This is a great strategy game for any basketball Fan! I like the challenges!

Needs more ads

very few advertisements almost nonexistant

To much ads

I like the game but I understand that to continue you have to watch an ad but to hit no thanks and still watch and ad gets annoying


It’s wayyyy to many ads. There’s ads every 2 games.

I love it a lot

I play this game all the time just because it's very fun and addictive. There are only two caveats I even feel I need to mention in this game. One, you'd be very lucky if the "watch and ad to continue playing" gimmick ever works, so don't bother. And speaking of ads, for the best experience just pay to turn them off.


Fun but I wish I could listen to music while playing this game


Fun game but very frustrating when it doesn’t continue after you are forced to watch a 30 sec ad (which you have to watch even if you purchase no ads). Would be 5 star game if it weren’t for that.

Can’t continue from ad

Every time I continue and watch the ads it just glitches and doesn’t allow me to continue.

Fun game, but...

The option to continue is useless. I select it, watch an ad to the end, and then when i exit the ad, nothing but the option to restart. The continue option doesn’t work, so if you mess up, you’re screwed and have to start over, which is ok and keeps the game challenging, but if there’s a feature in the game that is not working as its supposed to, then i cant give it a high score.

Video continues don’t let you continue

Ok so I mess up. Then I get an option to watch an ad to continue. Watch the ad. Don’t get to continue. WHY AM I WASTING MY TIME THEN?!

No continue option

The continue option disappeared after the update!

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