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To much ads

I like the game but I understand that to continue you have to watch an ad but to hit no thanks and still watch and ad gets annoying


It’s wayyyy to many ads. There’s ads every 2 games.

I love it a lot

I play this game all the time just because it's very fun and addictive. There are only two caveats I even feel I need to mention in this game. One, you'd be very lucky if the "watch and ad to continue playing" gimmick ever works, so don't bother. And speaking of ads, for the best experience just pay to turn them off.


Fun but I wish I could listen to music while playing this game


Fun game but very frustrating when it doesn’t continue after you are forced to watch a 30 sec ad (which you have to watch even if you purchase no ads). Would be 5 star game if it weren’t for that.

Can’t continue from ad

Every time I continue and watch the ads it just glitches and doesn’t allow me to continue.

Fun game, but...

The option to continue is useless. I select it, watch an ad to the end, and then when i exit the ad, nothing but the option to restart. The continue option doesn’t work, so if you mess up, you’re screwed and have to start over, which is ok and keeps the game challenging, but if there’s a feature in the game that is not working as its supposed to, then i cant give it a high score.

Video continues don’t let you continue

Ok so I mess up. Then I get an option to watch an ad to continue. Watch the ad. Don’t get to continue. WHY AM I WASTING MY TIME THEN?!

No continue option

The continue option disappeared after the update!

Jerome Denk

Please cancel not authorized

Dunk shot

It’s rigged because it will just bounce out of the stupid hoop and then your ball will die and when your doing challenges you just die because it’s rigged so it makes you RAGEEEEEE

Ads messing it it

I’ll give 5 stars when you tell me ads won’t place the close X outside of reach. Trivia Crack has an ad on this game where you can’t close it. Messed up.

Great game

It’s a great game I’ve finished all of the challenges except the key one, can u make the question fortune ball to where u can pick which ones it cycles through


I had this cringy kid who said this was hard and not fun but let me tell u it is lotsa fun!

Good game but the update

The game is really fun and I enjoy all the new challenges but with the update I have not been able to get like any of the fortune balls and it’s SUPER ANNOYING soooo yeah

Too many ads

Way too many ads and auto opens some times. I understand the need to make money but it’s a bit ridiculous I can’t even open the game without an ad.


Ads pop up WHILE you’re playing the game... in the middle of a shot which results in you automatically missing unless you’re lucky enough to make it as the ad popped up. Horrible design. I’m uninstalling this app

Simple concept, Very addicting!

I can check into this game for a few minutes, enjoy it for its simplicity and check out.

5 stars

there are some ads but overall pretty awesome. i love all the basketballs you can get.

Great game just some bugs

It is a really great and fun game. All my friends play it and we try to beat each other’s high score and it’s a game to do in your free time. However it’s so ANNOYING when I’m trying to play then all the sudden a ad pops up and makes me mess up and loose. Another bug they NEED to fix is when I want a extra life by watching a video it sometimes doesn’t work and makes me go to the main screen and a waste of time by watching an ad. After all great game but few bugs.

Very fun!

I have been playing this game for years and I love it. I love all of the new changes like the wheel 🏀🏀🏀🏀

Buggy code ruins a decent game

Shows lots of ads even during the game itself. Game also bugs out every 5 minutes.


Love, love, love the game! Totally addicted to it. I play it all the time. My one critique is that I wish I could listen to music while I play the game. It really annoys me that I can’t use my Bluetooth speaker while I play the game. The game itself is delightfully fun.


please add new themes i am all theme unlocked and challenge complete

Too many video ads!!

I love this game. It is so fun, competitive and addicting. BUT there are WAY too many ads and it takes away from the whole thing. I can’t even go on to the next game without another ad. My recommendation would be too only have ads for continues in the game and get rid of the random video ads that play after you lose a game. Although I love the game this has caused me to delete it because it is too annoying and overwhelming. Once you fix this I will happily be back

Great game

I really like this game it’s a challenge and takes up your time as well.


Ummmm what is fornite?! Dunkshot is literally my religion the best game I’ve ever played and definitely better than pub g but tbh they need to update it like fornite does cuz that’ll be lit but umm ye GO DUNKSHOT!

Don’t waste your money

Purchased the app with no ads and was supposed to get 1000 stars but got nothing. Not only did I not get 1000 stars, but you still have to watch ads when you want to continue. Waste of money.

Highly recommended...

Great game!!

Penis ya

This game is hard

Video balls

I love this app for a lot of things but there’s some things that need to be fixed. One thing is the challenges. They are the only fun part of this app and there should be a lot more of them because the free play is boring. Also, my pet peeve is the video balls. It is really cheap to make people watch ads to get the balls.

Purchased for no adds, still getting adds!

Paid $2.99 for no adds, constantly getting adds.

Amazing but...

This game is amazing but when ever I have an add to continue after I missed,the add didn’t make me continue!!!

Tedious physics

It’s a fun game despite the overly tedious physics. Literally moving the line a hair could make or break you next move and it’s just so frustrating. It has nothing to do with skill at that point and you just have to guess till you get it in.

If only it worked...

The game itself is fun and enjoyable. The reason it gets 2 stars is because any time it offers you a reward for watching an advertisement, the reward is never given. Want an extra piñata? Watch an ad, only you don’t get the piñata. You watch the ad and then nothing. Want to continue after you’ve lost? Watch the ad, only you don’t get to continue. You get ad after ad until it crashes. Deleted.

Read reviews before buying

I wish I had read all of the reviews before buying. I paid $2.99 to remove ads and get 1000 coins. I still have to watch ads and never received the 1000 coins. Wasted 2.99 and am going to request a refund due to false advertising. It’s a shame because I have 2 other ketchapp games on my phone I really enjoy.

Inconsistent and A Bit of Luck Based

So I’ve completed all the challenges besides the “No Aim” Challenges, which I have 88% on. I found a problem where I’d be pulling back all the way and sometimes it launches far, but other times it goes up barely, then comes back down like I barely put any force on it. Can’t get the 6th hoop on it because every time I would launch at the same time and same power, I would miss, it seems like the obstacle goes different speeds every time...

Fun but WAY too many ads

Great fun simple game but there is WAAAYYYY too many ads to enjoy the game. You start the game theres an ad. You play 2-3 short games there’s an ad. The game even requires you to watch an insane amount of ads to get certain balls. -.-

Awesome game! I recommend it!!!

Very easy to play. Great time waster. All the new basketballs that you can collect is cool. I love the fortune balls. I recommend this game to all great job creators👍🏻

Game keeps pausing my music when opened please fix immediately

Game keeps pausing my music when opened please fix immediately


I strongly recommend you try this



Nice game


Really fun

I can play this game for 5 minuets or 50 it would still be fun, there are so many chances to find new cool items, and playing with a friend is twice the fun!

All ketchapp games are advertising thinly disguised as a game!

I turn off data for the game and it won’t save any progress & when the data is on you have to watch two 30 second videos for every 3 attempts. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

Problematic ads

The game occasionally experiences a lag spike and when this happens, the time challenge is virtually impossible. Ketchapp, if you want people to buy your app, you should be able to convince them that the app runs smoothly even with the ads. Until then I will not spend a single penny, though you probably make more by infesting my phone with ads :P

Get Rid of Fortune Wheel

So I’ve been playing this game for quite some time. Beat all the challenge levels and won most of the balls, but I gotta say the Fortune Wheel was not a good call. There’s loads of other ways to spice up the game, different types of balls that do different thing, disappearing hoops, etc. I had over 5,000 coins and lost ALL of them spinning the fortune wheel and I still have not unlocked all the mystery balls. This is ridiculous! I love this game and love all the updates they have made over the past few months but the fortune wheel is just a ripoff in an otherwise 5 star game.


Great game

Fun game, possible optimization needed

Fun game but my iPhone X gets really hot playing it after the latest update.

Kinda scammy

Although the concept and gameplay are simple, fun, and intuitive, the games AD's come off a bit spammy. With some AD's running far too long and forcibly opening other pages, others promise a chance to continue after a fail and yet post ad you are met with a restart screen and are never actually given the ability to continue. Overall I'd say if you have the space and enjoy the concept, it's pretty good at killing time, however if you tend to get aggravated by invasive or misleading AD's then this may not be the app for you.

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