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Ads are ads but this is too much

I get it, please don’t reply back, “We have to offset costs with providing a free app, so on, so on, so on....”. Yes ads are ads but I shouldn’t have to see an ad for every three resets. This game is fun and great mind numbing, time passing entertainment and is really well done but when I miss three shots... there is an ad. If I’m doing the challenges, that means about 2 ads per minute. If it’s general game play, I will play and score a couple hundred then see an ad. Score a couple hundred, see an ad and then score a couple hundred and at that point I actually turn the game off instead of continuing because I’m tired of seeing ads. The irony of the reply, “We need to offset the costs, so on, so on,” is that, it’s an ad of self promotion for more Ketchapp games... Like I said, a wonderful game but ruined by ads. Won’t end up keeping long because the boycott will eventually out weigh the entertainment value. I’d think about how many plugs you put in for ads Ketchapp. Across all of your developments.

More challenges

I love the game but can u add more challenges cuz I beat them all


The challenges are glitchy because if you watch an ad to try again it doesn’t work.FIX PlS😔

Impossible for me

Can you make the game easier? I will rate 4-5 stars

Really fun and addictive

This game is really fun and easy to get good at. When I start playing it is kinda hard to stop. This is a great game that is definitely worth getting👍.

Trying to beat my record

Fun, basketball game. However sometimes when you press continue the game will play several ads and your progress will be lost. Highly inconvenient when your already 700 points in.

Too many adds!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

This would be a great game if had no ads!


The game is great but you should take out the adds some are inappropriate


Paid for the app to get rid of infuriating and all to frequent ads but nothing changed. Ads still play constantly!!! Went back and read more reviews to see if someone else had the same experience. They had! Also read that this app may be a scam that puts something on your phone to steal your personal info. Not sure if it’s true but since the app developers purposely infuse the app with ads, then take your “remove ads” money without removing the ads, I don’t trust them. I deleted the app and I want my money back!!

Best game

The best baseball game in my tire life!So so so so so so fun!


This game is the best and me and friends play it all the time and try to beat each others high scores or defeat challenge. This game changed my life.

Best game

I’ve been playing 30 days in a row the game is good keep up the good work

To Dunk Shot

At first I thought this was hard, but after about two days of practice and playing I got SUPER good at the game. Then I started to notice that the game is mega super fun and easy. Through all that experience I thought the game as a wonderful game. I would recommend this game to everyone!

To much advertising

You can’t go a couple seconds without seeing an ad and for me the add it plays is unbearably loud. Good game ruined by too much advertising

This game is



Really fun

All thumps up

This game is the definition of amazing. It is very fun and addictive to play.

Continue button broken

It’s a good game, I knocked off the star for making me wait 30 seconds and not letting me continue like I would’ve wished. Fix it for a good 5 stars

It is a good game but...

It is a great game but it always gives me an add maybe I will just pay for no adds and sometimes it freezes the game and gives me an add so I love the game but hate the adds I just frame my battery life so it is an issue

Good game but it needs fixed

Half of the time when it prompts me to get my second free reward I watch the video and I don’t get my reward


This app is garbage. The game is fun at first, but then when you start watching ads to extend your turn, you watch it, and then have to start over. Don’t bother.

Inconvenience at its finest

Fun as hell, like I have a problem. But also everyday around 8 pm the ball starts moving in slo mo and it’s just a little inconvenient for when I’m doing really well.




This app is great for kids who are looking for a good game

The adds

Sigh the game is great but when I click the add button that gives me extra lives the game puts the add on only then to take away my extra life.

Love it!

I LOVE the challenge this game offers, but the “continue” feature doesn’t work. It takes me to the advertisement but returns to the game and makes me start all over. I also play the “Knife Hit” game, but the “continue” feature works fine in that one.


Game is fun but big problem with the retry’s. Doesn’t work and makes me watch add for no reason.

More chances

Y does it say in the challenges, when u run out of balls, that u get three more tries. But when u click on it u watch the video and don’t get three more tries!!


Literally, I will be working so hard on the challenges and only need one more shot. So, I press the ‘continue’ button. Usually, i would watch the ad and get to continue from where I left off at, but no, that barely happens. If you press the continue button, you’re practically wasting your time. It will play the ad and make you restart again. Other than that, It’s a really fun and simple game! Just fix the continue button.

Love it

I actually really didn’t feel confident in this app at first but then when I play it it’s sooooo fun no glitches no errors it’s just so fun I love this new app kecthapp


This game has been on my phone for months and I play it almost every day. It never gets tiresome.

Fun but needs work

I love the game, but I can’t explain how aggravated I get when it gives the continue option, I watch through the entirety of the ad and it doesn’t let me continue. Please fix this

Go in airplane mode no ads then


Fix It

Great game and the ads are not as intrusive as some others. Would pay 99 cents to remove them but not $2.99. There is a glitch right now where you watch the ad to continue the game but then it still tells you the game is over after watching it. Would give 5 stars if that is fixed.

You lied.

Whenever I press the watch ad to continue after I’m done watching it, it doesn’t continue

When I watch a video to continue, no ball

When I watch a video to get a continuation of the main game, I watch it, and it just goes to the page to start over.



Fun and entertaining

If im bored im just liek dunk shot im coming

update !!

when is the new update coming ?

Zeus Has Been Robbed of His Lightning Bolt

I am nothing short of a god at this game, a modern myth come to life at the art of dunking the shots. However, even my prowess as a dunk shot savant cannot rescue me from the unscrupulous developers who have turned a blind eye to the most harrowing of glitches the dunk shot community could possibly envision. Allow me to paint the scene so that you may be absorbed into the terrifying experience which I had to endure. In a moment of characteristic genius, I raced my way all the way up to a score of 1230. A mere 40 points shy of my record- just 8 perfect throws from breaking my already sublime performance- I made the unusual mistake of missing a shot. But in my infinite wisdom I had forgone missing up to that point. That is to say, I still had my extra life! The game provides a “continue” option which permits you to pick up where you left off after watching an ad for an app, presumably by the same creators of dunk shot. I see this as a respectable exchange of services: I devote my time to being convinced to purchase an app by either the company which made dunk shot or another one, either way sending revenue to the developers. In exchange, I get the joy of an extra life, keeping me an elated gamer and giving me the splendid opportunity to break my own record. The fundamental goal of any dunk shotter is to beat his own and his friends’ records. But on this faithful day I was not afforded such an opportunity. As is common, after selecting continue and watching the required advertisement, I was not given the chance to continue. My score of 1230 sits now as a second highest score, exceedingly impressive, of course, as it was done in one try, but dissatisfying as the 1270 number was not only in sight, but was surely going to be utterly shattered. I feared the glitch may strike, and indeed, with the standard prescience I’ve come to expect from myself, I was predictably wronged by the unflinching and vile glitch which goes uncorrected by the developers of dunk shot. This is a mark of shame on those who have designed dunk shot. May they forever be punished for the despicable blind eye they have turned to such a beautiful game. “It only takes one mistake to make a masterpiece a disgrace.” — Me. I have a litany of demands which I expect to be met before I, a force whose dunk shot prominence far exceeds that of Lebron or MJ’s basketball dominance, rescind this review in exchange for a favorable one on the art that dunk shot can be. First, I require the glitch to be remedied. No longer should I or any of my fellow competitors in the sport be subjected to the the repulsive tease of the continue button, toiling to extremely high scores just short of our records only to be crestfallen when the app has denied us the fruits of our labor. This is the mark of a truly apologetic and humble development team. Next, I require true justice for the crime brought forth upon me, a truly humble and innocent deity of the sport. The developers must give me one opportunity to update my high score by giving me one ball beginning at a score of 1230 so that I may live out the dream I was robbed of. Finally, the community, but especially yours truly, is owed a public apology. Not just a tweet. No, this must be far longer than 280 characters. A hand written essay must be scanned and delivered by the developers to the major national news papers(WSJ, NYT, and Washington Post, at minimum) for publication, as well as provided via social media: FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Further, a snap chat filter must be made with the words “we’re sorry,” assigned to the dunk shot development team. The essay must be written with the same artistry I have presented my grievances. It must be lengthy, well developed, and explain not only that the creators of dunk shot feel great sorrow for their actions but also outline the events that led to this fateful moment. Until these demands are met I shall stand by the skewering of a review I have delivered unto this abomination of what could be an elegant, even world changing, way of life. Seven thumbs down and a disappointed shake of the head.


I love this game so much...(sometimes I get frustrated) I love that there’s hardly any ads Don’t take up that much storage ether

Soooo fun!

I’ve been playing this for the last few months and I’ve beat every challenge and the challenges weren’t to easy or to hard. I’ve played many ketchapp games and this game is definitely my favorite,well I hope the ketchapp staff see’s my review,keep up the good work ketchapp!

good game!

the only problem i have with this app is if you watch an ad to continue a game you’ve lost,the add doesn’t let you continue the game. do you watch the ad for nothing

To many add

I get way to many ads most I can’t even exit almost all of them are right when I’m playing and I’m about to shoot but it comes when your aiming so it will shoot it off while annoying you with add

Bug fixes

There are a lot of times where you would watch a ad to continue and when the ad is over you don’t continue. What’s up with that?

Good but...

It’s good but I have to take away one star because when you open your Piñata you can get a second one if you watch a video,well some times it doesn’t give it to you.But other than that it is good my high score is 301!

Great game for passing time

Good game that you can pick up and leave off. Fun challenges. Cmon with new update already!!

Fun but...

This game is really fun and super addicting! The only problem is that there are a few errors in the game, if you try to continue by watching an ad, and watch the ad all the way through, half of the time, it still won’t let you continue after you’ve watched the ad. Also, during the time challenge, an ad will sometimes pop up in the middle of it, and the time will run out while you’re clocking out of the ad. Good-ish game overall, but plz fix the ads during time challenge and continuing.

An Okay App...

The app is amazingly put together, except for the fact that the “continue” doesn’t work. Whenever I’m at a high score and I miss, I use to want to continue. So I would watch an ad, but after the ad was over it would take me back to the start menu. Overall I would possibly recommend this app.

No ad scam.

So I bought the game to remove the ads yet when I get to the screen that says continue the only way to continue is to watch an ad. I also have to wait about 5 seconds before I can say no thanks. This is really annoying after paying for the game.

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