Dunk Shot Відгуки

Fun and entertaining

If im bored im just liek dunk shot im coming

update !!

when is the new update coming ?

Zeus Has Been Robbed of His Lightning Bolt

I am nothing short of a god at this game, a modern myth come to life at the art of dunking the shots. However, even my prowess as a dunk shot savant cannot rescue me from the unscrupulous developers who have turned a blind eye to the most harrowing of glitches the dunk shot community could possibly envision. Allow me to paint the scene so that you may be absorbed into the terrifying experience which I had to endure. In a moment of characteristic genius, I raced my way all the way up to a score of 1230. A mere 40 points shy of my record- just 8 perfect throws from breaking my already sublime performance- I made the unusual mistake of missing a shot. But in my infinite wisdom I had forgone missing up to that point. That is to say, I still had my extra life! The game provides a “continue” option which permits you to pick up where you left off after watching an ad for an app, presumably by the same creators of dunk shot. I see this as a respectable exchange of services: I devote my time to being convinced to purchase an app by either the company which made dunk shot or another one, either way sending revenue to the developers. In exchange, I get the joy of an extra life, keeping me an elated gamer and giving me the splendid opportunity to break my own record. The fundamental goal of any dunk shotter is to beat his own and his friends’ records. But on this faithful day I was not afforded such an opportunity. As is common, after selecting continue and watching the required advertisement, I was not given the chance to continue. My score of 1230 sits now as a second highest score, exceedingly impressive, of course, as it was done in one try, but dissatisfying as the 1270 number was not only in sight, but was surely going to be utterly shattered. I feared the glitch may strike, and indeed, with the standard prescience I’ve come to expect from myself, I was predictably wronged by the unflinching and vile glitch which goes uncorrected by the developers of dunk shot. This is a mark of shame on those who have designed dunk shot. May they forever be punished for the despicable blind eye they have turned to such a beautiful game. “It only takes one mistake to make a masterpiece a disgrace.” — Me. I have a litany of demands which I expect to be met before I, a force whose dunk shot prominence far exceeds that of Lebron or MJ’s basketball dominance, rescind this review in exchange for a favorable one on the art that dunk shot can be. First, I require the glitch to be remedied. No longer should I or any of my fellow competitors in the sport be subjected to the the repulsive tease of the continue button, toiling to extremely high scores just short of our records only to be crestfallen when the app has denied us the fruits of our labor. This is the mark of a truly apologetic and humble development team. Next, I require true justice for the crime brought forth upon me, a truly humble and innocent deity of the sport. The developers must give me one opportunity to update my high score by giving me one ball beginning at a score of 1230 so that I may live out the dream I was robbed of. Finally, the community, but especially yours truly, is owed a public apology. Not just a tweet. No, this must be far longer than 280 characters. A hand written essay must be scanned and delivered by the developers to the major national news papers(WSJ, NYT, and Washington Post, at minimum) for publication, as well as provided via social media: FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Further, a snap chat filter must be made with the words “we’re sorry,” assigned to the dunk shot development team. The essay must be written with the same artistry I have presented my grievances. It must be lengthy, well developed, and explain not only that the creators of dunk shot feel great sorrow for their actions but also outline the events that led to this fateful moment. Until these demands are met I shall stand by the skewering of a review I have delivered unto this abomination of what could be an elegant, even world changing, way of life. Seven thumbs down and a disappointed shake of the head.


I love this game so much...(sometimes I get frustrated) I love that there’s hardly any ads Don’t take up that much storage ether

Addictive but unfair at times

I would give this fake 5/5 but once you're a few points away from beating your high score then you hit continue to keep trying after the ad and it only gives you the option to restart, that brings the value of this game down dramatically

Soooo fun!

I’ve been playing this for the last few months and I’ve beat every challenge and the challenges weren’t to easy or to hard. I’ve played many ketchapp games and this game is definitely my favorite,well I hope the ketchapp staff see’s my review,keep up the good work ketchapp!

good game!

the only problem i have with this app is if you watch an ad to continue a game you’ve lost,the add doesn’t let you continue the game. do you watch the ad for nothing

To many add

I get way to many ads most I can’t even exit almost all of them are right when I’m playing and I’m about to shoot but it comes when your aiming so it will shoot it off while annoying you with add

Bug fixes

There are a lot of times where you would watch a ad to continue and when the ad is over you don’t continue. What’s up with that?

Good but...

It’s good but I have to take away one star because when you open your Piñata you can get a second one if you watch a video,well some times it doesn’t give it to you.But other than that it is good my high score is 301!

Great game for passing time

Good game that you can pick up and leave off. Fun challenges. Cmon with new update already!!

Fun but...

This game is really fun and super addicting! The only problem is that there are a few errors in the game, if you try to continue by watching an ad, and watch the ad all the way through, half of the time, it still won’t let you continue after you’ve watched the ad. Also, during the time challenge, an ad will sometimes pop up in the middle of it, and the time will run out while you’re clocking out of the ad. Good-ish game overall, but plz fix the ads during time challenge and continuing.

An Okay App...

The app is amazingly put together, except for the fact that the “continue” doesn’t work. Whenever I’m at a high score and I miss, I use to want to continue. So I would watch an ad, but after the ad was over it would take me back to the start menu. Overall I would possibly recommend this app.

No ad scam.

So I bought the game to remove the ads yet when I get to the screen that says continue the only way to continue is to watch an ad. I also have to wait about 5 seconds before I can say no thanks. This is really annoying after paying for the game.

No support

The game is pretty good while it works, but when features stop working there is no tech support. You get an email from tech support with a couple of FAQ’s in the body and a promise that someone will get back to you, but they never do.

Good game, but “free” lives are a scam

There’s no point in offering the videos to earn an extra life or points, they make you watch the video but it never registers. Otherwise app is somewhat engaging and decent.

Broken ads...

I love this game and have been playing for 3-5 months, but can you please fix ads? I say I don’t want to continue a game and I still get an AD. and when i do want to continue the game, i watch an ad, then it doesnt let me continue??? Whats the point of that. Update: dont continue games or even try to use ads to get ahead. Alll they do is waste your time

Too many ads

There are sooo many ads on this game if you’re doing the timed challenges every 2-3 deaths is an ad and that’s insane please lighten up the ads A LOT or remove them before I quit otherwise it’s a 5 star

Second chance glitch

There is a glitch when the game offers the second chance after a video feature. After watching the video it doesn’t actually give you a second chance. Please fix this Ketchapp.

App takes over music

I like listening to music or podcasts while playing and now I can’t play it and listen to other music.

Great Game

Love the game it is awesome (•_•) ∫\ \___( •_•) _∫∫ _∫∫ \ \


It’s one of the best sports games available. The normal gameplay does get stale though. You can only complete each challenge level once and there are almost 100 of them. It just seems like you should be able to play any of them more than once. Also needs to be more modes of regular high score gameplay. Maybe easy and hard modes that spawn the next basket differently. Maybe a top down mode where you play from above and have to shoot at baskets beneath you. Just some ideas to make the game deeper.



Great Game👍🏽👍🏽

Love the game. One thing needs to be fixed: after achieving a good score, you’re given the option to “continue” by watching an ad...after watching the ad, you don’t continue but actually the game starts from the beginning. Please fix this, thanks.

Ads galore

Ads pop up consistently and will redirect you without clicking anything. You can tap continue and watch an ad for the extra life but you have a 33% chance of the life being granted. This game was designed to make the developers rich by forcing you to watch ads regardless. I do not recommend this game unless you really love ads with false advertisement.

Very Fun, Glitchy though

I’m just gonna say this is super fun, extremely addicting, and my only issue (which is a big one) is that you tap to get a second life, you watch the app, and return with no second life which 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽


Makes you watch ads to continue then glitches when you go back to the game and try to continue. Resume tab is hidden under controls and cannot be accessed. And this is in the paid version. Fix it!

"Continue" doesn't work.

The game is pretty fun and a good time killer. I have one major complaint and it's the "continue" button. IT DOES NOT WORK. I have watched 20+ ads after hitting this button and it will still make you restart. FIX IT! >:/


Ok this is one of the best games I have but I have one issue... SO MANY ADDS!!!You can’t escape them when you want to continue your progress in the game and it says continue you have to watch an add and sometimes you watch the add and it glitches and you don’t get to continue it is ridiculous! When you want 25 stars in the game or want a video ball it makes sense but still even when you say no thanks to the continue or something it gives you adds uhhhhhhhhh! But other than that it’s a good game.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😁😁😁🏀🏀🏀🏀PS: I get the slightest bit bored........ADD MUSIC 🎵 🎼 🎶 Then you would get 5 stars 😛

Great Game, Bad Glitches

I have a lot of fun playing this game but the ads almost kill it. I get so close to beating my high score and all of the sudden I miss and it asks if I want to continue. I click the ad and I watch it all and then when I exit out of it when it’s over it doesn’t do anything... why ask if I want to continue if I do what it asks and it works about 15% of he time? Other than this it is a great game.

Game steals money

This game is horrible when you buy things in it it makes you pay double and you don’t even get the stuff that you bought.


This game would have 5 stars if its ads worked, all I needed was 1 to beat my record and after the ad finished I clicked X...I didn’t beat it

Simple and fun!!

This game is very simple, fun, and not to hard. I love it. It’s hard to find balance it a game, and this is one of the games that is “balanced”. I recommend this game to everyone, and hope you will enjoy it! 😊

A little buggy

When I go play an ad to retry it won’t work and sometimes it lags and freezes during the gameplay and ads in the middle of the game


Great game, but I would like to see more balls and themes that we can buy. (Especially themes!)

Fix this please

When I try to click the free gift it does nothing and won’t let me collect my prize. Usually when this happens I just have to go out and go back in. Now that won’t even work, also when you start to play and you die the free gift thing is gone. I really hope you could fix this. Thanks

Don’t press continue

Over half the time you press continue to watch an ad to keep playing once the ad ends you are not allowed to continue. This only happens when you are playing the challenge levels. Please fix this

Great App!👍🏽

For a while I’ve been trying to find a great basketball app that was free and that did not have that many glitches or advertisements. I have finally found one. This app has not many ads and no glitches. It’s so addictive so don’t play it when you’re trying to work, because it is addictive. Overall great and fun app!☺️😊


Very cool game for kids. Gives them coordination and shows them patients

Why so many glitches.🤔



In love with this game but need new levels I pretty much finished all of them just need one more to have everything gold please add new levels and gameplays would really love it. 🙌🙌💯

Wouldn’t recommend it

Game has problems when you want to continue. It makes you watch the ad then restarts you. Same goes with the extra piñata. Makes you watch the ad and doesn’t let you get the extra one. Also it ruined my streak of perfect when it went back to two when it was another perfect. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t recommend it.



I love this game!

Its so fun and i love it


Literally was on pace to set a record- I had 812 points and my best was 928. The ball just bounced out so I pressed continue to watch the add, but to MUCH dismay, your stupid Final Fantasy ad came up and I was not able to continue after the 30 seconds was up. Anytime this ad specifically is played users can no longer continue afterward!!! There have been issues with other ads as well but this one is the worst!!!


This game is ok. It gets kind of repetitive, but over all it pretty good game... there is a lot of adds though. And when it offers you a video for a chance to revive, it glitches and you watched a video for nothing. But the balls are sort of fun to get... that is my opinion

Fun but glitchy

This is a very fun FREE game but it’s pretty glitchy. I have a lot of problem with the video related rewards. The large majority of the time watching a video add doesn’t result in the tears that is offered by watching it. Especially the continue game option. Pretty frustrating when you’re trying to set a new high score and have to start from scratch every time.

Ads don’t always do what they say they do.

I like this game. Very addictive because it’s simple and easy enough, but with a bit of a challenge. Only problem is sometimes when I watch an ad, it doesn’t do what it is supposed to. What I mean is, when I get a chance to “continue” after losing by watching an ad, I don’t actually get to continue the game after watching the ad (in full might I add). Please fix otherwise I will think of this app as a scam and uninstall.

Trash game

Plays an ad every time you lose the game. If it’s a video you have to wait for it to load as it takes 10 minutes. Overall trash game. Won’t let you try out different balls that you need for other balls.

Awesome game

Not too hard, not too easy. Perfect. I would like to see more challenges because I beat all of them :)

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